Unassigned Devices Plugin

The Unassigned Devices plugin in Unraid is a powerful tool that allows users to integrate and manage external storage devices within their Unraid system. However, users may sometimes encounter an issue where the “Mount” option for unassigned devices appears greyed out or disabled. Understanding the reasons behind this issue and how to resolve it is crucial for ensuring smooth operation and effective utilization of the Unassigned Devices plugin.

Possible Causes of the “Mount” Greyed Out Issue:

Several factors can contribute to the “Mount” option being grey out in the Unassign Devices plugin. Let’s explore some of the common causes:

Device Not Properly Connected:

The most basic reason for the “Mount” option being grey out is the improper connection of the external storage device. It’s important to ensure that the device is securely connect to the Unraid system and is recognize by the operating system.

Device Already Mounted:

If the external storage device is already mounted or in use by another process or application, the “Mount” option in the Unassigned Devices plugin may be disabled. It’s essential to verify if the device is already mount elsewhere or being utilize by another program.

Incompatible File System:

The file system used on the external storage device might not be compatible with Unraid. Unraid typically supports popular file systems such as NTFS, exFAT, and ext4. If the device is format using an incompatible file system, the “Mount” option may be disable. Converting the file system to a compatible format might be necessary.

Device Permissions:

In some cases, insufficient permissions on the external storage device can prevent Unraid from mounting it. The user account used to access Unraid might not have the necessary privileges to mount the device. Moreover, ensuring proper permissions and access rights for the device is essential to resolve this issue.

Plugin Configuration or Compatibility:

Certain plugin configurations or compatibility issues can lead to the “Mount” option being grey out. Moreover, it’s recommend to check for any updates or known issues relate to the Unassign Devices plugin and ensure that it is properly configure within the Unraid system.

Resolving the “Mount” Greyed Out Issue

Here are some troubleshooting steps that can help resolve the “Mount” greyed out issue in the Unassigned Devices plugin:

Verify Device Connection: Double-check the connection of the external storage device, ensuring that it is properly connect to the Unraid system and recognize by the operating system.

Check Mount Status: Confirm whether the device is already mount or being use by another process. If so, unmount or release the device from any conflicting applications or processes.

Format or Convert File System: If the external storage device has an incompatible file system, consider formatting or converting it to a supported file system. Moreover, this can be done using appropriate tools or utilities available for the specific file system.

Check Device Permissions: Review the permissions and access rights for the external storage device. Moreover, ensure that the user account used to access Unraid has the necessary permissions to mount and access the device.

Update Plugins and Unraid: Check for any available updates for both the Unassigned Devices plugin and the Unraid operating system itself. Keeping the software up to date can address compatibility issues and provide bug fixes or enhancements that might resolve the greyed out issue.

Seek Community Support: If the issue persists, it can be beneficial to seek assistance from the Unraid community forums or support channels. Moreover, the users or the Unraid development team might have encountered similar issues and can provide specific guidance or solutions.


The “Mount” grey out issue in the Unassign Devices plugin can be cause by various factors, including improper device connection, incompatible file systems, permissions, or plugin configuration. By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and seeking community support when needed, users can resolve the issue and unlock the full potential of the Unassigned Devices plugin in Unraid. Moreover, ensuring a smooth and functional integration of external storage devices enhances storage flexibility and expands the possibilities of data management within the Unraid system.

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