HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle. In order to become a professional driver, you need to acquire a certificate of professional competence (CPC). To become an HGV driver you have to join HGV class 1 training. This training is designed to help individuals. With the help of training, you know how to operate vehicles. Training also gives you confidence and the necessary skill to drive heavy goods vehicles (HGV).

Through HGV training you also know about rules and regulations. After training HGV licenses to allow you to drive a vehicle over 3500kg weight. The government specifies different categories according to size and type of lorry. If you are interested in becoming an HGV driver. You should have a car license and be above the age of 18.
Besides this HGV class 2 training is most popular for new commercial vehicle drivers. Under this training, you will get a Category C license. It allows you to drive a vehicle between 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes.

How to Obtain HGV Training

1. Register for a provisional HGV license

The first thing you have to know is which type of provisional license category you want to apply for. It depends on which type of vehicle you will drive. Depending on the type of vehicle you will drive, there are different categories. For example – The license of the C+E type Category permits you to drive vehicles of not more than 3500kg weight. Also allows trailers up to 750 kg. The CE type category increases the trailer weight to over 750 kg.

2. Finish the Test

You have to pass 5 types of tests to get a driver certificate of professional competence (CPC). These 5 tests include multiple-choice questions, hazard perception, driving ability, and practical demonstration.

3. Multiple Choice

There are 100 multiple-choice questions. These questions are based on general highway safety and driving practices. This test is similar to the car license test but has some changes for uniqueness. To clear this exam you have to get 85% grades.

4. Hazard perception

The second part of the test is related to hazard perception. This test also includes 100 questions. In this test, there are 19 videos shown with 20 hazards. To pass this part you score 67% grades. After clearing both the section that is multiple choice and hazard perception. The next step is practical skill training.

5. Driving Ability

HGV contenders actually drive vehicles under the supervision of a DVSA tester. The tester offers definite instructions that are designed for the contenders. In this test, everything was checked from braking to backing to cornering.

6. Practical Demonstration

Under this test check the vehicle’s safety by checking the ability to load a truck or lorry, and deal with traffic and emergency situations. This test takes 2 hours to complete. The driver needs to correct 80 out of 100 questions to pass the test.

7. Sustain License

After clearing these 5 tests allowed driver CPC. To stay qualified you will take 35 hours of periodic training after every 5 years. After the age of 65, you only need to renew your HGV license after 5 years.


The HGV training prepares you for how to drive C-category vehicles. If you have zero experience you have to join training to be able to pass these tests.

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