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The horology industry is all set to embrace new luxury watch trends in 2024. The trend of exotic dials will become big in 2024. Colourful dials too will be seen launching by luxury watch brands this year. On the other hand, the craze for oversized watches will be seen slowly dying down. Let’s hope that this year, Rolex lovers will make it to years-long waiting lists! New trends will come and old trends will become passé but one thing will remain forever – watch appraisal. Yes, whether you have a Rolex or any other luxury brand, you must get your timepiece appraised.

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Let’s discover the trends that watch enthusiasts and aficionados must follow in 2024 and buy their favourite brand’s watch accordingly.

Coloured Watch Dials

Coloured dials will be a big trend to watch out for in 2024. The trend of purple dials ruled the year 2023. And this year more colours will be seen vying for watch lovers’ attention. Yellows, pinks, reds, purples and the list of hues can go on. Colourful dials will be liked and preferred by watch enthusiasts as they are great for making a style statement. Vibrant colours add to the appeal of timepieces.

Exotic Materials for Dials

We expect to see exotic materials being used for dials. This trend began in 2023 but will surely continue in 2024 as well. Quirky materials and treated dials will allure watch lovers with their aesthetic appeal. Various brands, including Rolex, Girard Perregaux and Audemars Piguet have experimented with stone dials. Starry aventurine dials have already been on the market. A laser treated dial can be seen on Oris ProPilot. The best feature of this dial is that it doesn’t contain any pigment and in light, it constantly changes hues. On a model released by TAG Heuer, lab-grown diamonds were used on the dial.

Unusual Watch Shapes

Unusual watch shapes, including square and rectangle, will be launched by various luxury brands this year. Classic circular dials are passé when it comes to making a bold style statement. Square and unusual shapes are contemporary styles that look trendy and yet elegant. Swatch Bioceramic What If? The collection features a square shape. The collection has been conceptualised based on a question- what if the first Swatch watch crafted wasn’t round but square?

Minimalistic is the way to go

In the new year, minimalistic is the way to go. No flashy timepieces, please! Oversized watches are also losing their charm now. Minimalistic design ensures that you can adorn them on your wrist during business hours and even after that for the night party. This style is becoming popular for being a timeless choice.

You can have a timepiece with a sleek and clean design for years in your watch collection. And it won’t go out of trend. Calvin Klein’s T-Bar Quartz Stainless Steel watch for women is an example of a clean and minimalistic design. White in colour, it can effortlessly match any of your clothing – formal or informal. Elegance is what makes it a popular pick among office goers.

More Collabs are Expected

The horology industry, like last year, is expected to see more collaborations. Audemars Piguet last year collaborated with rapper Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack clothing brand and released a Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. AP also released a Spiderman dial Marvel signed Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon.

Oris too collaborated with Disney for Pro Pilot X Kermit adorning puppet amphibian. The Kermit appears through the date window on the first of every month. It is called the Kermit Day. Oris watch features a green dial with white baton indices and silver hands.

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