Must-Have Car Accessories

Must-Have Car Accessories

Your trusty four-wheeler can take you places, but equipping it with the latest car accessories can make your rides safer, more convenient, and a lot more fun! Even modest hatchbacks and sedans can become your all-terrain vehicle with smart add-ons.

So get set to personalize your everyday drive into your adventure rig with these must-have car accessories:

Stay clean on the go with portable vacuum cleaners.

Spills and crumbs got you down? Invest in a cordless, compact vacuum cleaner designed for car interiors to keep your vehicle spotless, even on the go.

Stay connected on the go with wireless chargers.

Are long drives getting longer? Keep your phone charged wirelessly while using GPS with compact yet powerful wireless charging pads and mounts. Popular ones like Anker’s PowerWave magnetic air vent phone holder let you snap and charge phones quickly without tangled wires. When sightseeing, wireless charger power banks can charge both your phone and your digital camera batteries multiple times over.

Up the Audio Game with Bluetooth Car Kits

Leave old-fashioned FM transmitters behind! Upgrade to wireless Bluetooth car kits that easily fit most car models, allowing both driver and passenger to stream music, audiobooks, and podcasts in crisp stereo over car speakers. Want hands-free calling too? Add built-in microphones so you never miss a call while parallel parking.

Stay safe with digital tyre pressure gauges.

Don’t let a flat tyre cut your road trip short. Compact and easy-to-use digital tyre pressure gauges take accurate PSI and BAR readings, ensuring proper inflation at all times. Get glow-in-the-dark gauges to easily check tyre pressure at night or during early morning departures.

Pack Smart with Car Roof Cargo Carriers

Fitting everything but the kitchen sink for your long vacation? Expand storage instantly by strapping on a waterproof rooftop cargo carrier bag or box. Protect valuables from getting wet or dusty inside while leaving rear seats free for passengers. Go micro with collapsible cargo bags for extra-day trip items. Or pick hard carriers in 50- to 80-litre capacities to pack camping gear, golf clubs, and even some patio furniture!

Keep it tidy with waterproof car trash bins.

Prevent trash and clutter from accumulating in your car with a water-resistant, waterproof trash bin that attaches securely to your centre console or door panel.

Power Up Your Tailgate with Coolers and Grills

Make your open trunk an instant open-air café everywhere you go! Clever tailgate coolers with near-vertical fronts prevent spills as you access drinks and snacks. Or slide outside tables flanking built-in coolers to offer extra space for meals on the go. For impromptu BBQs and beachside cookouts, check out portable propane or charcoal grills with foldable legs engineered specifically to fit rear gates and hatchbacks.

Stay Calm and Don’t Skid with All-Weather Mats

From muddy hiking boots to spills en route, protect your car interior from the mess with custom-cut all-weather mats. Durable rubber mats trap slush, snow, and dirt from shoes, keeping carpets clean. Some even come with adjustable channels to prevent water from pooling on the mat. Get the no-slip advantage too, with textured undersides gripping your floor even in torrential downpours and extreme winter chills.

With clever accessories, bringing your hatchback and your sedan along on biking, hiking, surfing, and multi-terrain escapes is much easier. And safer too, with on-road equipment like emergency kits, fire extinguishers, and more. Simply mix and match to build the ultimate rig guaranteed to power your adventures for years ahead!

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