Dreaming of a home flaunting timeless beauty and sophistication? Well, there are a number of things which can elevate the beauty of your home. Flooring undoubtedly plays a very important part in this. Today, there are various kinds of flooring options available but wood flooring radiates a different charm and energy. A versatile, durable and breathtaking choice, wood flooring is available in a number of designs, quality and colour depending on the wood used and the overall quality of the flooring material.

If you are someone looking for getting a wood flooring installed in your homes then this is just the right article for you. Since oak is the trending wood of the season, we will explore the exciting possibilities and types in which this oak flooring is available. Additionally, we will also discuss what are the kinds of surface treatments available to maintain the beauty and aesthetic vibe of this flooring. But before all this, lets understand what are the various kinds of oak wood flooring in vogue these days. Let’s get started.

What are Engineered Parquet Flooring and why should you choose them?

For people craving natural beauty and environment friendly interiors, oakwood is the first choice. It exudes modern as well as traditional look at the same time and the best part is that the royal reddish colour of the oakwood will just compliment any décor of your house. If you are someone looking for a more durable option, try opting for the engineered parquet flooring. These will also make a good choice for houses which demand a little more maintenance. This flooring has several layers of engineered wood with the topmost layer being made of oakwood. This arrangement displays the amazing grain pattern and also adds to the durability and the longevity of the flooring as these layers are heat and moisture resistant. This is also a better choice in comparison to the oak flooring as it requires a thinner veneer making it a more sustainable and an eco- friendly choice.

The Magic of Surface Treatments

Now that we already know how beautiful and awesome these oak floorings are. Lets have a look at how can we maintain the beauty and glaze of these flooring. What are the surface treatments that are to be done in order to keep it fresh and beautiful in the years to come.


Staining is one of the most common treatments for oak wood flooring. The open grain structures present on the oak wood help in beautifully absorbing the stains which gives a beautiful reddish colour to the floor.


The oak flooring is porous in nature and therefore it becomes susceptible to moisture. Sealing therefore protects your floor from any kind of damage due to moisture ensuring that it remains vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

Oil finish

Oil finishing enhances the beauty of your floors as it beautifies the natural grain and character of the wood. This finishing provides the low gloss and sophisticated sheen to the oak flooring thereby making the area warm and inviting.

Brushing and distressing

Brushing and distressing provides a sense of uniqueness and makes the floor exciting and unique giving your floor a beautiful texture and depth.

Summing Up

A timeless and elegant choice, wood flooring is there to stay for quite a good number of years to come. It was and it still is in vogue and most probably will continue to be people’s favourites even in the days to come. Getting your floor adorned with the wood or spc flooring not only increases the beauty of your house but also, increases the overall worth of your house. It is a must have if you are someone more inclined towards the floors radiating an aesthetic appeal. The best part is that you have a number of options to buy them. You can order them online from various online stores across the UK and get them delivered at your doorsteps. Alternatively, you can also opt for visiting the offline stores and buy them only after seeing them physically and cross examining them or having a word with the salesperson.

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