Are Ace Rewards Worth It & How Do They Work?

All your home repair and improvement needs can be met at Ace Hardware. Ace has everything you need to make your house perfect, whether you are looking for tools, yard care products, or a new grill.

Your local Ace will be your favorite place to shop compared to big box stores. You earn rewards every time you spend money with Ace Rewards. Make sure you don’t miss this chance to earn cashback if you’re an Ace shopper.

Whenever you need home repairs or home improvement supplies,

Ace Hardware is the place to go. The Ace Store has everything you need to keep your house in tip-top shape, whether it’s tools, yard care products, or a new grill.

Ace is a great alternative to the larger big box stores if you prefer to shop there. Whenever you spend money at Ace Rewards, you’ll receive rewards. You can earn cashback on your Ace purchases if you’re a loyal shopper.

There are rewards for spending, regardless of how much you spend, and you can get them quickly if you spend a few dollars at a time.

What are Ace Rewards?

When you spend money at Ace, you earn Ace Rewards points. Whether you shop in-store or online, you will earn 10 points per dollar. Since Ace is a store where you can buy essentials, it’s like getting rewarded for spending money.

Aside from those benefits, Ace Rewards members have access to exclusive offers, instant savings, and free shipping from the store. Through exclusive offers and points, rewards members can save a lot of money.

What is the Ace Rewards program?

Ace has two membership tiers – ‘Member’ and ‘Premier.’ Once you join Ace (for free), you earn your way up to ‘Premier’ by spending $750 in 12 months.

Every dollar spent earns you 10 points, regardless of your tier. Upon signing up, you receive 2,500 points and a $5 reward when you have accumulated 2,500 points.

Therefore, you will receive $5 after spending $250. The cost of maintaining or repairing your home can easily exceed $250 if you’re anything like us. In addition to grocery stores, hardware stores are essential, so you’ll likely be rewarded frequently.

Whether you shop in-store or online, you can earn rewards.

Be sure to log into your Ace Rewards account before checking out if you are shopping online. The rewards will be automatically credited to your account after your purchase. Shoppers with an Ace Rewards card should present it at the cashier when shopping in-store. The phone number used to sign up can be provided if it has been lost or forgotten.

What are the benefits of Ace Rewards?

For every 2,500 points you earn (spending $250), you receive a $5 voucher. Every Monday, Ace sends vouchers to members with points balances of 2,500 or more as of the previous Sunday night. All rewards are digital and you’re notified via email. so, it info will provide you good info about what are the benefits of ACE Rewards. and how to avail this chance.


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