things to do in Shimla and Manali

Shimla and Manali are the regions full of beauty and thrills. A trip from Kolkata offers few best things to do in Shimla and Manali region. These two charming regions of Himachal Pradesh are nestled in the lap of the Himalayas.

Shimla and Manali further offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure, and culture. In short, there’s some or the other thing for all the family to enjoy. In this Kolkata to Shimla Kullu Manali tour guide, we’ll explore the best of Shimla Manali. Above all, ensuring a pleasant trip filled with joyful moments.

1: Shimla

Nestled amidst scenic hills, Shimla is known for its colonial structures, greenery, and stunning views. Meanwhile, here are some of the top things to do in Shimla with your family. You can further go through them to know more about them.

A) Visit the Mall Road

Start your journey by strolling on Shimla’s famous Mall Road. The Mall road in Shimla is lined with shops, cafes, and boutiques.

It further offers a vibrant ambiance for shopping and dining. Enjoy shopping for craft items, woolens, and souvenirs while relishing local dishes at the cafes.

B) Explore the Ridge

Head to the Ridge, a famous open space in Shimla. The Ridge offers stunning views of the nearby mountains.

Firstly, admire the Gothic style Christ Church and visit the Tudor Library. Meanwhile, capture stunning photos of the stunning scenery. The Ridge is a great place for children to run around among the open space.

C) Experience Toy Train Ride

Hop on the UNESCO World Heritage listed Kalka Shimla toy train. Embark on a scenic journey through the charming landscapes.

Meanwhile, marvel at the engineering wonders like tunnels and bridges. You will witness them while enjoying the charming views of mountains, valleys, and forests. Above all, this pleasant train ride is sure to delight both kids and adults alike.

D) Visit Jakhu Temple

Embark on a trek to the Jakhu Temple, devoted to Lord Hanuman. Firstly, the temple is further situated atop Jakhu Hill.

Enjoy the views of Shimla from the hilltop and see playful monkeys along the way. The temple holds sacred value and is a serene spot for family to seek blessings.

2: Manali

Manali, is one of famous hill stations further located in the Kullu Valley. It is known for its snow capped mountains, pristine rivers, and adventure sports. Meanwhile, here are top things to do in Manali with your family during the trip.

A) Rohtang Pass

Embark on a journey to Rohtang Pass, located at an altitude of 13050ft. Firstly, take in the stunning vistas of snow capped peaks, cascading waterfalls, and glaciers.

Engage in thrilling sports for example skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. The winter further lies between December to April when the pass is open for tourists.

B) Beas River

Firstly, indulge in a riverside picnic along the banks of the Beas River. You can further enjoy the peace and dip your feet in the crystal clear water.

If you want then you can savor a picnic lunch amidst the scenic climate. You can meanwhile take a calm walk along the river and enjoy the cool breeze.

C) Explore Old Manali

Explore Old Manali, known for narrow streets, quaint cafes, and vibrant climate. Immerse yourself in the hippie culture and shop for unique handicrafts at the local markets.

Meanwhile allow yourself to taste some tasty local cuisine. The cafes in Old Manali offer a cozy ambiance. They are perfect for spending time with your family.

D) Hadimba Devi Temple

Pay a visit to the famous Hadimba Devi Temple. The temple has dense forests of cedar trees all around it.

Further, marvel at the temple’s unique building, which is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba. After that, enjoy a calm stroll in the nearby Van Vihar Park. The park is ideal for children to enjoy nature walks and outdoor activities.

3: Adventure Activities

Shimla and Manali further offer a group of adventure sports. These sports will meanwhile thrill the entire family. Above all, here are a few exciting options to consider during the trip.

A) Paragliding in Solang Valley

Experience the thrill of paragliding in the Solang Valley near Manali. Firstly, soar high above the valley and take in the stunning views of snowy mountains. This thrilling sport is most famous among thrill lovers.

B) River Rafting in Beas River

Firstly, engage in exciting river rafting in the Beas River. It is one of the top things to do in Shimla and Manali.

Meanwhile, go through the gushing waters and feel the rush of thrill as a family. Rafting is available at various difficulty levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

C) Zorbing in Khajjiar

After that, take a short trip from Manali to Khajjiar. It is further known as the Mini Switzerland of India.

Enjoy the zorbing, where you roll down the meadows inside a giant transparent ball. It’s further a fun filled activity that kids and adults can enjoy each other.

D) Trekking

Both Shimla and Manali offer various trekking routes suitable for families. Trekking is also one of the things to do in Shimla and Manali.

Meanwhile, enjoy scenic hikes to places like Chandrakhani Pass, Beas Kund, or Bhrigu Lake. These treks further allow you to witness the natural beauty of the Himalayas up close. Above all, you can create lasting memories with your loved ones in these regions.


A family trip to Shimla and Manali from Kolkata promises a charming journey. It is perfect blend of scenic beauty, cultural learning, and thrilling sports. You may explore the bustling streets of Shimla, indulging in snow sports in Manali. Along with embarking on thrilling sports, these regions have something for all.

Plan your tour wisely and include top places, engage in adventure sports. Above all, choose the things that are suitable for your family’s choices. So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and embark on a family trip. Create pleasant moments amidst the stunning landscapes of Shimla and Manali.

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