Ready to ship the colourful bundles of joy to someone’s doorstep? Well, shipping and receiving parcels are a common practice these days but what makes shipping and receiving fabrics a different game is the joy of receiving a dress. Let us all agree nothing brings more happiness than a dress which has arrived on or before time. So now let’s discuss what are the various kinds of packaging supplies used in making this delightful box of love reach safely to your homes.

The Versatile Postal Bag

The postal bags are versatile in nature and what makes them even more worthy is the fact that they can accommodate any kind of fabric ranging from rough and hard denims to the soft and lacy lounge wears. The beauty of these postal bags is that they can be used absolutely for making any size of parcel and one does not need to worry of the dimensions.

If you are someone who want to make use of these postal bags to the fullest, then consider these tips and you will never regret choosing a postal bag for shipping your items.

  • Size matters– Try to find the right size of postage bag for your fabrics. You will obviously not want an extremely small bag that will crush your fabric or a large one with may again have the space to displace all your items placed inside the bag while in transit.
  • Seal the deal– Make sure that you have a strong and secure adhesive to stick the ends of your parcel. This will ensure that your items reach the destination safely without any damage of fear of getting lost or misplaced.
  • Label with love– Try to include all the necessary shipping instructions on top of these packets. Labelling will make sure that when the item is in transit, the instructions can and carefully and clearly read and understood by the delivery partner.

The Bubble Wrap Roll

If you are someone who is extremely critical about the safe and security of your items, then bubble wraps are a must for you. These air pockets act as shock absorbers and prevent any kind of unwanted movement in the items which it is being shipping and is in transit. In order to make the most of these bubble wrap rolls, here are a few tips which will help you.

Bubble Wrap Roll
  • Wrap and roll– Firstly wrap your fabric in a soft linen or tissue like material, over that wrap it with a bubble wrap roll and secure the edges with an adhesive of any safety tape. This will make sure that all your items remain intact and get safely shipped to the destination.
  • Multi-layer magic- For items which are extra critical such as banarsee fabrics or dresses with zircon or Swarovski embroidery, extra layering is extremely important. An extra layer of padding will ensure that these costly fabrics will never get affect in the transportation process whatever the reason may be and you can rest assured that it will reach the destination in perfect shape and design.

A Few Additional Tops To Keep in Mind

There are a few things which must be essentially kept in mind such as the importance of the aesthetics. Aesthetics matter and beautiful packaging leaves an impression on the mind of the customers, especially in the case of fabric packaging. Therefore, make sure that all your items are beautifully packed to ensure that not only the dress but also the brand remains in the mind of the customers. Labelling is again a very important thing which must not be avoided at any cost. Be it the shipping and the customers details or the fragility of your item, every thing must be clearly mentioned so that while in transit appropriate care of the parcel is taken care of.

Summing Up

There are a number of packaging supplies which play a very important role in transportation and shipping of any item and a few of them have been mentioned in the above paragraphs. But, in case of fabrics extra attention is to be paid not only to the safety of the item but also to the beauty of the items. So, next time when you are planning to ship the fabrics, keep these tops in mind and you will be totally satisfied with the reviews received.

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