Jiffy Envelopes

Padded bags are the most used packaging materials by businesses, especially eCommerce stores. Different types of padded envelopes are available for businesses to choose as per their requirements. By using padded bags such as bubble or Jiffy envelopes, brands can ensure the safety of their goods in transit.

Let’s learn what are the most popular padded bags available for businesses to choose from:

Jiffy Envelopes

Looking for a reliable postal protection? Jiffy envelopes will serve the purpose and are cost effective as well. This popular packaging material might be ideal for your products. Jiffy padded envelopes offer cushioning to goods as they are lined with shredded newspaper print. These bags are self-seal and you do not require a clear tape to seal them. They have a strong adhesive strip to seal them at the top for high protection.       

Jiffy bags were created by the Baldwin family in 1964 and since then they became a popular packaging material. These bags are available in different shapes, sizes, styles and colours to lend your product packaging a luxurious feel. They are eco-friendly and hence considered better than clear plastic bags.

Jiffy envelopes are durable and lightweight so they are a preferred cushioning packaging material. Your goods will remain safe when packed within them. These envelopes are seamless on edges and the bottom flap is double glued. This safeguards the envelopes from bursting open during shipping of your goods. These bags are ideal for shipping fragile and bulky products. Computer parts, CDs etc can be kept safely in them.

Jiffy bags are biodegradable and therefore if your business is environmentally conscious, then they are the best option for you. They can be recycled and reused, making them a low cost environmentally-friendly material. This makes them popular among eCommerce and retail businesses. By opting sustainable materials, you can enhance your brand’s reputation as a business that is concerned about the nature. Consumers will purchase more of your products as now they have become aware about the environment safety.            

Jiffy bags are crafted from Kraft paper and for the padding 100% recycled paper fibres are used. With more reuse, the padding within the envelopes become malleable and hence become more protective.

Jiffy Envelopes

 Bubble Envelopes

Another protective envelope that you can use for your business are bubble envelopes. The protective bubble wrap material is lined on the inside of these envelopes. It’s the perfect material to offer cushioning to your goods, especially for fragile items. Bubble envelope is a cost effective material for shipping your products. Different sizes and colours are available to keep your goods safe in transit. It is much better than using clear plastic bags.

Bubble envelopes are lightweight and strong therefore preferred by many businesses. The outer layer of bubble bags are made of the kraft paper whilst the inner layer is the bubble wrap. The outer layer is recyclable but the inner plastic layer lacks environmentally-friendliness. They feature easy to use adhesive strip for closing the bag. No need to use clear tape to seal the bag.

Honeycomb Padded Envelopes

Another protective packaging option for your goods can be honeycomb padded envelopes. These mailers are environmentally friendly and feature a secure design. They are constructed by placing honeycomb paper in between two layers of Kraft paper sheets.

This protective packaging provides high security from external impacts by creating a barrier between your products inside and the outside forces. These are durable and it is possible to recycle them as well. These are biodegradable and hence a preferred green packaging material.

It is effortless to seal them as they feature a strong adhesive strip. These bags are lightweight and cost efficient, making them an ideal choice for businesses that are looking for durability and safety.

Hope these three protective packaging materials can solve your packaging related issues.

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